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TERMS AND CONDITIONS Welcome to Manjappai gmbh website. By visiting our Online Shop, you agree to the terms and conditions on our website. We kindly ask you to read them carefully.
Payment Methods Product prices indicated in Swiss francs and include VAT. The shipping fee is calculated separately and listed in the order summary.
Minimum Order We offer an outstanding service, affordable price for the best of our selection of items we sell. As such, we have a minimum order policy:
We believe that our customers will support our minimum order policy and purchase at our online store.
Estimated Delivery  Goods ordered will be dispatched within the next 24 hours in Zurich.
Other Cities Goods will be delivered on specific days and timings and will be intimated to the customers.
Payment Types Credit card payments and Cash on Delivery.
Returns and Refunds We take utmost care to maintain the quality and hygiene of the products we deliver, so food products once delivered will not be taken back under any circumstances. Genuine complaints will be taken into consideration by the Manjappai team and we do our best to compensate our customers and keep them satisfied.
Images of the product We try our best to add the actual image of the product with the description, nutritional values and other details. Images are of high quality which will enable you to read the description. If you have further question on the products, please check the product company website.
Intellectual Property The software used on the Manjappai website as well as all of their content such as headers, texts, graphics, logos, images, downloads in digital format, the contents of the websites etc., are fully protected by copyright or any other law on the protection of intellectual property. No license or right to use Manjappai website content (image, trademark, logo, etc.) without the written consent of the Manjappai team.
 Delivery Charges * Zurich: Free delivery **Aargau : Free delivery on weekends only(2nd & 4th Saturday everymonth) *** Rest of cantons – minimal delivery charges applied and vary based on purchase value. Customers can see details at checkout.

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